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Affiliate marketing is a practice that some online casino websites use to their advantage, but many players may not be familiar with it. At, we are an online casino affiliate site that earns a percentage of the profits when players sign up through our referral links. This article aims to provide a clear understanding of what affiliate marketing entails and how our site uses it to offer useful insights into the top online casinos to visit.

How Affiliate Marketing is Working?

The concept of affiliate marketing involves a scenario in which one party, commonly referred to as the affiliate, earns commissions by promoting another party’s products or services to individuals who purchase or utilize them. At, we utilize this method by referring new customers to the online casinos featured in our review tables, thereby earning a commission for every successful sign-up.

What are affiliate links and commissions?

In order to achieve this, we rely on affiliate links that are supplied by casino websites. When prospective customers click on one of these links, they are taken directly to the casino’s site, where they can create an account, deposit funds, and begin gambling. If this results in a successful sign-up, we receive a payment from the casino as part of our affiliate agreement, typically a percentage of the customer’s total deposit.

We choose to affiliate ourselves with specific casinos reviewed on our website because it simplifies our operations. Rather than having to display ads or banners, we can instead direct potential customers to these trusted operators. Additionally, we ensure that all the casinos listed on our site adhere to gaming regulations, providing fair gameplay and excellent customer service. We continuously monitor each site featured on to ensure that they continue to meet our high standards, so we can confidently recommend them to our visitors.

Does this impact our ratings and place in the table?

Our users must understand that our affiliations with these casinos do not influence our ratings in any way. Our reviews and ratings are independently compiled using actual experiences and tests that we conduct by playing at the sites ourselves. Furthermore, signing up through our affiliate links does not cost users any additional money, as they remain in full control over their deposits at any given casino. However, we recommend that users review any minimum deposit requirements for bonus offers mentioned in our reviews before signing up.

To sum up, affiliate marketing is integral to operating an online business, including However, we want to emphasize that it has no impact on the quality or accuracy of our ratings displayed on the site. We base our opinions solely on our first-hand experiences playing at various sites featured in our reviews across desktop and mobile platforms.


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